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Adobe Connect eLearning World 2020

Adobe eLearning World 2020 becomes Adobe’s biggest virtual eLearning event delivered on Adobe Connect, connecting 8,000 learners worldwide.

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The EdTech Awards 2020 Winner!

We are honored have to have Adobe Connect ranked #1 In the category of Best Collaboration Solution as well as one of the top Corporate Training Solutions.

November 14, 2016 / Virtual Conferences

A Comprehensive Checklist for Successful Virtual Events

The planning, production, and analysis of a large-scale program can be a grueling process. That being said, as with most large projects, breaking the requirements down in to manageable chunks is an important first step to helping ensure success.

Defense Connect Online: over 1 MILLION served

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Creating Valuable Virtual Conference Sponsorships

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The Value of Virtual Events in Government

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Adobe Connect: Supporting Virtual Summits and Breakouts

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Virtual conference with Adobe Connect enables U.S. Navy to cut expenses by $1.5 million

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It’s not JUST a Chat Pod___ it’s an interactive tool with endless options!

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