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Make Learning a Social and Mobile Experience – Introducing Adobe Experience Manager Communities for Learning

The way people consume content has changed dramatically in the course of the last few years. DVRs have taught us that we can expect to watch content when we want it, at the pace we want. Mobile devices have taught us that we can watch content in smaller, bite sized pieces, wherever we are located. Social networks have exponentially increased the number of individuals across which we can share information and recommendations. Yet, most of the corporate eLearning world remains in an environment where training is delivered top-down, in a we tell you what, when, and where to learn” type of fashion, chained to rigid Learning Management System software.

MobileIron University delivers the first training and certification program for the mobile industry

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Adobe Connect Mobile 2.1 Now Available

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February 22, 2013 / Adobe Presenter

New Adobe Presenter Features Available

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August 19, 2009 / Adobe Presenter

Sneak Preview: Adobe Presenter 7.0.5 update

In next few weeks we release a significant update for Adobe Presenter 7 which will provide a number of enhancement across the entire product. This update will be distributed through the automatic product update system (Adobe Presenter help-> updates) and would also be downloadable from the Adobe Presenter product update page.

February 16, 2009 / Adobe Presenter

Adding Learner Certificates to Presenter and Captivate Content

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