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Adding Learner Certificates to Presenter and Captivate Content

February 16, 2009 /Adobe Presenter /

One of the most longstanding feature requests out there is the ability to add printable certificates to Presenter Presentations at the end of a course. I can remember customers asking for this in the Breeze 4.x days.
The idea behind this feature is that once a learner passes the course, it would be great to display a certificate with the learner’s name, the course, name, date, etc. Andrew Chemey has just published a tutorial that shows you how to build a certificate in Flash and integrate it into your Adobe Presenter and Captivate Content.

The tutorial comes complete with sample files you can use to get started. You can view the tutorial here:
Once you’ve tried it out, leave a comment on the tutorials page and let us know what you think, how it could be improved, etc.

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