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Sneak Preview: Adobe Presenter 7.0.5 update

August 19, 2009 /Adobe Presenter /

Paresh Kharya, our product manager for Presenter posted to our group recently about the forthcoming Presenter 7.0.5 update:
In next few weeks we release a significant update for Adobe Presenter 7 which will provide a number of enhancement across the entire product. This update will be distributed through the automatic product update system (Adobe Presenter help-> updates) and would also be downloadable from the Adobe Presenter product update page. The update will be available for all the languages supported by Adobe Presenter 7.
Some of the key highlights of this update are
Improved PowerPoint Conversion and PPTX format support
This update will include support for various PowerPoint SmartArt Animations. It will now be possible to work with and synchronize PowerPoint SmartArt animations. This release will include enhancements for improving the flash conversion fidelity of embedded images in PowerPoint and also enhance the conversion fidelity for various text and shape effects created in PPTX format.
This update addresses a number of issues related to making Presenter content more accessible. There are three key changes
* Enhanced Presenter Presentation player controls, Quiz controls and Warning messages to make them assistive technology friendly and keyboard navigable
* Resolved issues where text content in presentations was not being exposed to screen readers
* Resolved issues where alternative text inserted using PowerPoint was not being exposed to screen readers
Audio Editing
This update will fix the issue where recording audio for a slide using pause and then record only kept the last part. This release will also resolve the audio clipping issue where first quarter second of audio would clip in the published presentations when they are played for the first time. The ‘Unknown codec’ error which is seen on playing certain MP3 files inside Audio Editor and Quiz Manager will also be fixed.
Embedding of Captivate Content using Presenter
We have enhanced the support for embedding Captivate created flash content in Presenter presentations. Captivate content containing full motion recordings will now play properly without the need to manually copy the Captivate output files to the Presenter data folder. We have also fixed issues related to loss of display fidelity when Captivate content sometimes get imported with incorrect dimensions.
Inserting Flash and Video Content
We have fixed issues related to play back of video in Presenter presentations in Connect Pro meetings including a streaming issue where video inserted using Presenter would get progressively downloaded rather than being streamed. We have resolved issues where Presenter would fail to import certain F4V files and fixed issues related to the size of the inserted videos being different from the original video size.
Publishing to Acrobat Connect Pro
We have resolved an issue where uploading presentations to Connect Pro servers having NTLM authentication enabled would result in a connection error.
We have resolved the issue where quiz button positions and the customized quiz button text were being reset to default when quizzes created using earlier versions of Presenter were modified using Presenter 7. We have also resolved issues related to positioning of questions and options like where answer options would overlap and the radio button becomes non-selectable in some cases with option shuffling.
LMS Reporting
We have resolved the issue where Presenter 7 presentations would show a Javascript error in the course window when launched from the SkillPort LMS system. We have also resolved an issue where Presenter content would not send the “Exit_AU” message to an AICC LMS when an AICC session is closed.
Thanks to all our loyal customers for providing feedback on improving the product and to all the participants of the Presenter Update Beta Program. If you like to submit bugs or feature request suggestions for Presenter or Connect Pro, please do via our product feedback form

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