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Defense Connect Online: over 1 MILLION served

Last week, Defense Connect Online (DCO) reached 1 million self-registered users who have participated in the mission-critical online collaboration environment, powered by Adobe Connect and Adobe’s digital government solutions.

DCO supports the Joint Information Environment as a popular enterprise-wide DOD managed service for communicating information in real time while increasing efficiency and security. DCO leverages Adobe digital government solutions including Adobe Connect web conferencing and Adobe Experience Manager, as well as Jabber XMPP services, to provide advanced web conferencing, presence & awareness, and chat capabilities to the Department of Defense. This same technology, based on Adobe Experience Manager and HIPAA-compliant Adobe Connect, is leveraged across other government agencies, as well as  top Fortune 500 companies and healthcare enterprises worldwide, for their mission-critical collaboration, content management, eLearning, and telemedicine needs.

DCO has seen incredible growth since its launch in October 2007, with users from both the classified and unclassified networks. Accessing the service through their computer desktops and the mobile app, these users have consumed over one billion meeting minutes in 2012 and 2013 combined (with over 670 million minutes in 2013 alone).

Additionally, DCO has accomplished:

·         50 million minutes of web conferencing per month

·         315,000 web conferencing sessions per month

·         1+ million chat messages per week

DCO services, including the DCO Connect mobile app, are free of charge to all DoD personnel and contractors who have Common Access Cards (CAC). To sign up for a DCO account, visit

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