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Adobe Connect Meeting Bandwidth Indicator in Standard View

The Adobe Connect Meeting bandwidth indicator measures both the latency and bandwidth of each client Meeting connection. It also shows whether the protocol controlling the Meeting is running secure, RTMPS or clear, RTMP. A padlock appears for the former and is absent for the latter.

In the screen capture above you see the latency indicated as 1 msec / 106 msec. The second number, 106, is the relevant number as it measure the latency between the Adobe Connect Meeting client and the origin server. The first number will almost always be 1; it measures the latency between the builtin Adobe Connect Edge server and the Adobe Connect Origin server. A number higher than 1 is very rare to see and would indicate a server-side anomaly.

The up and down numbers indicate the bandwidth utilized in each direction, up to the server from the client and down to the client from the server.

Incremental improvements in the accuracy of the bandwidth indicator’s measurement algorithms over various updates and upgrades of Adobe Connect have made it a very helpful tool. Various features and use cases in Adobe Connect meetings use varying amounts of bandwidth.

See below a quick comparison of the bandwidth download output displayed on the bandwidth indicator in Standard view in the Adobe Connect Meeting application with measurements in Wireshark. The output comparisons between the bandwidth indicator and Wireshark manifest the accuracy of former and may be used for planning purposes to help with Meeting preparation and network resource requirement. The accuracy of the the bandwidth indicator increases as bandwidth usage increases. At idle, with nothing happening in a Meeting there is a delta: Wireshark shows around 10 kbps while the indicator is closer to 5 kbps.

Test One: In a Meeting with a Camera running at 480p preference full screen:

  • .263 kbps Wireshark on client
  • 256 kbps in the Adobe Connect Bandwidth Indicator

Test Two: In a Meeting with a Camera at 730p preference full screen:

  • 690 kbps Wireshark on client
  • 653 kbps in the Adobe Connect Bandwidth Indicator

Test Three: In a Meeting with Screen share at standard quality 1920×1080 resolution:

  • 398 kbps Wireshark on client
  • 320 kbps Adobe Connect Bandwidth Indicator

Test Four: In a Meeting with Screen share set at high quality 1360×768 resolution:

  • 567 kbps Wireshark on client
  • 484 kbps Adobe Connect Bandwidth Indicator

Test Five: Screen share at High quality 1920×1080 resolution:

  • 511 kbps Wireshark on client
  • 540 kbps Adobe Connect Bandwidth Indicator

Test Six: Flipping slides in rich uploaded PPTX in Meeting (basically idle):

  • 4 kbps Wireshark on client
  • 4 kbps Adobe Connect Bandwidth Indicator

For other bandwidth tests with more complex workflows and estimates such as using the HTML5 client and also tets with earlier versions of Adobe Connect, see the following tech-notes:

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