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July 1, 2019 /SSO /

Configure SSO in Adobe Connect with Azure AD

Objective: Configure SSO in Adobe Connect with Azure AD.



  • Adobe Connect Hosted
  • On-premise version 10.2



Creating SSO Application in Azure for Adobe Connect

  • Login to Azure portal and click on Azure Active Directory > Enterprise Applications > All Applications, and click New Application.
  • Under Add an application select Non-gallery application > Give it a good name and click Add.





















  • Under Application sign-on screen, click on Single sign-on and select SAML.
  • Under Set up Single Sign-on with SAML page, edit Basic SAML Configuration and add below values.

Reply URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL) : https://(account_url)/saml/cps





  • Under SAML Signing Certificate, download Federation Metadata XML








  • Assign SAML app to users and groups.
  1. Navigate to Azure Active Directory -> Enterprise Applications -> All Applications, and select your SAML app.
  2. Click Users and groups > Add user > select and add users who will be permitted to login to Adobe Connect






Configure Adobe Connect

  1. Contact Adobe Connect support team to enable SSO and add Azure template to your account.
  2. Once the SSO feature is enabled, Login into Adobe Connect central > Click on Administration tab > Users and Groups > SSO Settings.
  3. Under SSO configuration check “Enable SSO”, select IDP type as Azure.
  4. Under Domain configuration enter the domain that you want to be authenticated by IDP. Eg :
  5. Under select file to import, click on choose file and select the IDP metadata and click on save.















Once the configuration is completed, test SSO functionality.


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  • By Aaron Mathias - 9:31 AM on January 26, 2023   Reply

    Hi, I’m looking at setting up SSO and I think the above will rally help, but I have a lot of users who have been setup with personal email addresses. How do I change that.

    Also once I setup SSO, does it apply to all users immediately or do I have the option to stagger it?

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