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July 1, 2019 /Events /Reporting /

Adobe Connect On-Demand event reporting for mobile users shows status as Not Attended

Problem Statement: Mobile users trying to view an on-demand event associated with mp4 type file,  is marked as “Not Attended” under the Event reports.


  • Adobe Connect hosted
  • Adobe Connect on-premise
  • On-Demand Events

Steps to Replicate:
Prerequisite – Have an mp4 content pre-uploaded in the content tab

  1. Create an On Demand event with “Present Content from the Adobe Connect Library” as the option selected.
  2. Select the content as mp4
  3. Publish the event
  4. Share the event registration link with participants
  5. Using any mobile device- (Android/iOS)- register from the link shared and view the content
  6. Now, Download User Information Report from Events reports tab
  7. Attendance status shows listed as “Not Attended” for the user attended via a mobile device

Reason for this Behavior: We have identified this workflow as a Bug# CONN-4112217

Solution: This bug is slated for a tentative fix in Connect version 10.6

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