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June 13, 2024 /Adobe Connect 12.6 /Meeting /

Users are listed in Attendee pod of Meeting although they are stuck on Entering | Adobe Connect

ISSUE DESCRIPTION: Users are listed in the Attendee pod of Meeting even though they are stuck on Entering the room. This is triggered when users deny microphone rights in web browser only.

test user is visible in Attendee pod
User stuck on Entering room

Details: If a user joins a session in the browser and chooses to deny access to the microphone when prompted by the browser, it could trigger this bug.  To avoid this, users can choose to allow the microphone when prompted.  This issue has been reported to our engineering team and will be fixed in an upcoming release.


  • Adobe Connect Meetings running 12.6.1

WORKAROUND: Use the Adobe Connect application to join the meeting or allow microphone rights if prompted by the web browser.

Adobe Connect 12.6, Meeting