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Optimization in BOR Workflow to Improve Meeting Experience

ISSUE DESCRIPTION: Users exiting from Meeting Breakout Rooms into the Main Meeting find their microphones disconnected. This happens if users disconnect their microphone before entering the Breakout Room.

NOTE: This will not affect users who keep their Microphone connected in the Main Meeting room before entering the Breakout Room.


  • Adobe Connect Hosted
  • Adobe Connect version 12.6.d onward

REASON:  This is to optimize connection at the time of ending the BOR sessions.


  • There are multiple solutions for this issue:
    • 1. Users may connect their microphone again after exiting from the Breakout room into the Main room if they previously disconnected their Microphone prior to entering the Breakout room.
    • 2. Users may keep their Microphones connected in the main Meeting before entering the Breakout room.

Note: The toast notification issue “Host has disabled the microphone” even though the participants have microphone access is a known issue to be fixed in an upcoming release.

Adobe Connect 12.6.d, Breakout room, Meeting