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What Triggers the Low-bandwidth Pop-up While Screen-sharing in Connect?

Inquiring minds have asked what is the bandwidth threshold that triggers the low bandwidth toast pop-up while screen-sharing in Connect:


The answer: We show this message when the available bandwidth (BW) drops to 1/4 of the initial BW set in the meeting. The initial BW is set based on the chosen quality setting the host picks for screen sharing under Meeting>Preferences>Screen Share Settings Quality:


Following are the BW settings and the thresholds:

Quality Settings Bandwidth (kbps) BW toast threshold (kbps)
Low 500 125
Medium 800 200
Standard 1200 300
High 2000 500

These BW settings are the default and may be edited in the  application.xml file for on-premise customers.

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  • By Claus Nielsen - 12:40 PM on June 2, 2016   Reply

    why dont you make a link

    “would you like to change settings” ? and that would open the settings dialog.

    • By Frank DeRienzo - 6:09 PM on June 4, 2016   Reply

      That would be a nice feature. I will add your comments to an enhancement request list.

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