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July 8, 2022 /Application /Meeting /

Uploading PPTX files to Adobe Connect meeting gets stuck

ISSUE DESCRIPTION: Uploading PPTX files to Adobe Connect Meeting gets stuck only on sessions hosted from EMEA 1 cluster. You will see:


  • Adobe Connect Hosted version 11.4.5b
  • Adobe Connect Meeting
  • Adobe Connect cluster – EMEA 1

REASON: We had a bug – CONN-4135709 logged with engineering team and it has been fixed now.

SOLUTION: The bug has been fixed by engineering team.


  • On file upload screen click Cancel.
  • Try to share the PPTX file again from Uploaded files:

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: To find the cluster of your Domain you can follow these steps:

  • Run this API –
    (NOTE: Enter your connect domain instead of
  • Search for <local-host> which will show the Cluster information.
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