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April 19, 2019 /Recording /Reporting /

Time Out & Total Time Viewed (hh:mm:ss) is not in recording reports when recording is viewed using add-in from the content library | Adobe Connect

Problem Statement: Time Out’ and ‘Total Time Viewed (hh:mm:ss)’ is not reflected in the recording reports when recording viewed using add-in from contents.
Environment : 

  • Adobe Connect Hosted/On-premise
  • Adobe Connect version 10.2

Steps to Replicate: 

  1. Login to your Adobe Connect account.
  2. Navigate to Shared/My content.
  3. Open any recording through application and view for couple of minutes.
  4. Close it and check the reports for that recording.
  5. Click on users it will not show the ‘Time Out’ and ‘Total Time Viewed (hh:mm:ss) ‘.
  6.  But if try opening the same recording through flash and view it, they are there.

Reason behind the behavior: We have recently discovered a new bug which indicates this has happened post Adobe Connect 10.2 upgrade.

Solution: This is still being investigated by the engineering team.

Additional Information: This is logged as a BUG#CONN-4111972 and the fix is scheduled for Adobe Connect version 10.6.

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  • By Dendra Best - 1:38 AM on April 30, 2019   Reply

    We have been asked by Clarix to note we are seeing the same bug – but in our case it’s also for uploaded MP4 recordings of content.

    • By bishwajt - 5:32 PM on July 3, 2019   Reply

      I suggest you to contact support at for assistance.

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