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Updated May 10, 2019

Adobe Presenter 11.1 build 203 crashes Connect rooms

Problem Statement: 

Presentations content published from Presenter 11.1 (build 203) results in crashing Connect Meeting/Seminar/Virtual Classrooms


  • Adobe Connect Hosted
  • Adobe Connect On-premise

Steps to Replicate:

  1. Publish any presentation content using Presenter 11.1 (build 203)
  2. Upload the published presentation to any Connect account as Content
  3. Create a Meeting or Seminar or Virtual Classroom
  4. Share the document from “My/Shared Content” or “Browse My Computer”

Result: Crashes/ Closes the Room

Reason for this Behavior: This has been identified as a BUG post-Adobe Presenter 11.1 upgrade.


Hosted accounts:

  • Downgrade the Adobe Presenter version Presenter 11.1 (build 189)
  • The trial download of Presenter 11.1 contains build 189

On-premise accounts

  • We have to add a mapping for this version in the upgrade.xml file inside the presenter folder
  • Follow the steps mentioned below and then try to publish the presentation file again:
  1. On the Adobe connect server where this issue occurs, browse to the path: ~\Connect\9.x\appserv\conf\presenter
  2. Create a backup of upgrade-list.xml (upgrade-list-old.xml)
  3. Add these lines towards the end in the upgrade-list.xml
    <upgrade presenter-build=”″>
    <patch presenter-build=”″>viewer.FP11.</patch>
  4. Save the file upgrade-list.xml

Note: Restart of Adobe Connect service is required.

Additional Information:
This is logged as Bug#CONN-4111913

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