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Adobe Connect Disk Storage

Description: How is the Disk Storage/Usage calculated and displayed on the account?


Adobe Connect version 12.6 and following.

In Connect Central, under Admin > Account > Account Summary — Features, the storage usage numbers appear on accounts.

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  • How do we Report Storage?
    • The storage shown on the account summary page is the sum of the size of all content uploaded to the account.
    • This includes recordings as well.
  • How are we tracking the Usage?
    • For each piece of content, the actual disk usage (size of the the content) is stored in the DB and added and shown on this page in GB.
    • Note: This only includes the actual content uploaded by users. It does not consider any space that is consumed as a result of processing the content by Adobe Connect.
  • Does the Usage variable depict new content only or total content storage?
    • It depicts the total storage value for the account.
    • Any content added in past will be included in the reports.
  • Which all items are included in the calculation for the total storage?
    Items included are:
    • Content uploaded in the content tab in central.
    • Content uploaded in the meeting rooms.
    • Recordings

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