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System usage reports

System usage reports show, from different perspectives, how your organization is using Adobe Connect. All of the reports can be filtered by specifying a date range. Adobe Connect system administrators typically create and use system reports. The system reports are different from each other and provide distinct data.Below is the list of different system usage reports.

Individual Usage : This report provides information about how a single user is interacting with Adobe Connect. The report includes total meeting minutes, total trainings completed, and total storage consumption. The report helps you determine how many meetings and training sessions a user has attended. The storage consumption number tells you which individuals uploaded the most content.

Group Usage : This report shows many details about a group of users. The top of the report lists summary information about the group, including total number of members, total meeting minutes, and total consumption. The second section of the report lists the individual members and data for each, such as total meeting minutes, login status, and manager name. Run Group Usage reports for different groups to compare and see, for example, which groups are using Adobe Connect the most and least.

Cost Center Usage : This Report shows how members of a specific cost center are using Adobe Connect. One section of the report lists individual members of the cost center and their system usage. Another section lists meetings billed to the cost center and details, such as total number of attendees and meeting owner name. The Cost Center Usage Report helps you track Adobe Connect minutes and costs. Run separate reports for different cost centers to compare their statistics. To get the same information as this report, that is run across all cost centers, rather than a single cost center, generate Consolidated Cost Center Usage report.

Full System Usage : This report provides a high-level summary of Adobe Connect usage. Optionally, filter the report by group and/or by specifying a date range. System, meeting, and training summaries are provided on a single page. This report is useful for telling management and other departments how your organization uses Adobe Connect.

Burst Pack Usage : This report lists how many burst pack minutes your organization is using. (Organizations purchase burst pack minutes when they require more minutes in a particular time period.) The report also shows the number of active rooms and the peak number of users. Use this report to control usage and costs of Adobe Connect.

Mobile Usage : This report provides details about users accessing Adobe Connect from smartphone and tablets. The two mobile-related reports that are available are Mobile System Usage Report and Mobile Device Information Report. These reports shows the device types, the total number of unique users who have connected to sessions with a mobile device, the total number of minutes spent connected from a mobile device, and the peak concurrent value of total number of mobile users. It is possible to distinguish between meeting, seminar, and virtual classroom mobile minutes. Also filters can be applied for date ranges, so that the administrators are able to see some trends over time.

How to create system usage reports

Log in to Adobe Connect Central and click Reports.
Click System Usage.
From the menu, select a usage report type: Individual Usage, Group Usage, Cost Center Usage, Consolidated Cost Center Usage, Full System Usage, Burst Pack Usage, or Mobile Usage.
Select an individual, group, or cost center and click Next.
Click Specify Report Filters. (Optional) Enter a date range.
For Individual usage, Group Usage, Cost Center Usage reports, or Mobile Usage reports, click Add or Remove Report Fields. Select and deselect the fields to display in the report.
Click Create Report.
(Optional) If you selected Cost Center Usage in step 3, click Download Report and choose a report to download as a spreadsheet.
(Optional) If you selected Burst Pack Usage in step 3, you can show the report by Hour or Day.

The table lists the specific information that appears in columns within system usage reports. All column headings do not appear in all system reports.

Column heading Description
Active login users Number of users in this group, cost center, or full system that are currently logged on the system.
Active room(s) Room(s) where overage minutes have been used.
Distinct meeting rooms Number of separate meeting rooms owned by the individual, group, cost center, or the full system. If an individual has no host privileges, this number is zero.
End date Date and time when the meeting session tracked in the report ended.
First name First name of an individual user.
Group The name of the selected group. This column does not sort.
Last login date Last date and time the individual, member of group, or member of cost center logged in to Adobe Connect.
Last name Last name of an individual user.
Login status Current status of the user. For example, if the user is not currently logged in to Adobe Connect, their status is Inactive.
Manager The first and last name of this user’s manager.
Meeting name Name of a meeting billed to the selected cost center.
Meeting owner email E‑mail address of the person who created the meeting.
Meeting owner first name First name of the person who created the meeting.
Meeting owner last name Last name of the person who created the meeting.
Peak concurrent meeting users Highest number of people in meeting rooms at the same time for the full system. For example, if the number is 100, 100 people is the largest number of people that were in meeting rooms at the same time.
Peak users Highest number of users reached in room(s) where overage minutes have been used.
Start date Date and time when the meeting session tracked in the report started.
Storage consumption (kb) Current amount of space, in KB, used by the individual, group, or cost center. In the Full system report, storage consumption numbers are listed for the entire system and for meetings.
Total attendees Total number of attendees when unique attendees from each session are added together. If the same person attended two sessions, they are counted twice in this total attendees number.
Total burst pack minutes In the Cost Center Usage report, total burst pack minutes used by the entire cost center and for individual meetings billed to the cost center. In the Burst Pack report, the total number of burst pack minutes for the full system is listed.
Total host minutes (hh:mm:ss) Total number of minutes the individual, group, group member, cost center, or cost center member spent in meeting rooms as a predefined host. Does not include host minutes when the user was temporarily promoted to the host role. In the Full System Usage report, the total host minutes for the entire Adobe Connect installation is listed.
Total hosts Total number of users with host status in the group, cost center, and full system.
Total learner training completions Total number of learners that completed courses and curriculums in the full system.
Total Mobile Minutes Duration of total mobile sessions attended or hosted by individual (in Individual Usage report) or by all the group members (in Group Usage report).
Total meeting minutes (hh:mm:ss) Total number of minutes, across all roles and sessions, spent within meeting rooms by the individual, group, group member, cost center, or cost center member. The Full System Usage report shows total number of meeting minutes across all users in the system.
Total meeting sessions Total number of individual meetings billed to the selected cost center.
Total training managers Total number of individuals in the Adobe Connect system with training manager permissions.
Total training storage consumption Total amount of storage (in KB) used for training objects, such as courses, curriculums., and virtual classrooms.
Total trainings completed Total number of trainings (courses, curriculums, and virtual classrooms) completed by the individual, group, member of group, cost center, or member of cost center.
Total unique training objects Total number of training objects (courses, curriculums, and virtual classrooms) in the full system.
Total users Total number of users in the group, cost center, or full system.
Type Type of meeting (classroom or meeting) billed to the cost center.
User storage consumption (kb) Total amount of storage space (in KB) the individual member of the cost center is using.
User total meeting minutes (hh:mm:ss) Total amount of time (in minutes) the individual member of the cost center has been in meetings.
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