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Updated December 17, 2019
September 6, 2019 /Seminars /XML API /

Seminars Tab shows Request Not Processed | Adobe Connect

Problem Statement: On trying to access the Seminars Tab, it displays error -“Request Not Processed” –
The system was unable to process your request. For further assistance, please check out the Adobe Connect support page.

Access Logs snippet:
[2019-06-04 00:00:13] “Internal error ” occurred.” – INTERNAL_ERROR E A {user-id=1607881624, cookie=na2breezww2ergnq6ixdhd3h, account-id=XXXXX, ip=}
“GET” 0 244517/253 0

  Adobe Connect On-Premise accounts

Reason for this behavior:
It appears that one of API calls created seminar sessions without date-end (null).


  • Call seminar-session-sco-update to set the Session’s date/time and assign it to the Seminar Room
    For more details click: here

Note: It is mandatory to have that date set to non-null value because it is used in calculation while fetching data for seminar page.

  • In order to resume access (de-block) seminars page the fastest way is to disable that sco via direct access to DB:
    Execute the script:
    update pps_scos set disabled=getutcdate() where sco_id=XXXXX
    (sco_id of the seminar room)


You are able to bypass ‘Seminars’ error and open all links under it through a direct link, except ‘Seminar Sessions’,

Additional Information:

  • It appears to be a case of bad structure/request on the customer data that may require a one-off.
    Internal Errors: java.lang.NullPointerException: null and link with ‘null’ value which is failing to build parameter ‘user-webinar-selected’
  • To create Seminar Sessions
    refer to blog link:
Seminars, XML API

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