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September 6, 2019 /Technotes /

Email Notification received on threshold exceeded for allocated meeting seats | Adobe Connect

Problem Statement:
Threshold Exceeded notification email received with a warning of reaching 80 percent of their meeting seats, such as this:
You may be at risk of running out of seats for Adobe Connect. In particular, your account (name = Enterprise Account) quota for Account-wide Meeting Attendees for meeting {meeting-name} has exceeded the threshold of 80% usage on Sunday 1 September 2019, 03:02 PM. This means you used at least 80% of your XXXX available seats. You may want to consider adding more seats to your account.”

Reason for this behavior:
(Notify when the number of attendees in an individual meeting exceeds the threshold.)

Under Administration > Account > Notifications > Capacity Notification Settings
Notification Method as Send Email is checked For “Individual Meeting Attendees” – Specified Area with Threshold set as 80%

Adobe Connect On-premise accounts

You can verify the results in 2 ways as described below:-

1) Using web services, execute the API:-
to list the details of the quota threshold is exceeded.

Before running the API please ensure

  • you have logged in to Adobe Connect as an administrator.
  • replace with your account domain.
    For more details on using this web service: click here 


2) Using the database, Execute the SQL script: –
were the field PEAK_USED displays the value which exceeded the Threshold limit, as a result, the notification emails were sent out.

Please note here that PPS_THRESHOLD_EXCEEDED entries are written based on the PPS_ACL_QUOTAS.USED values, whereas the reports come from the PPS_TRANSCRIPT_COUNTS table. Historically, sometimes these two do not match. We used to have some quota leaks that meant that the USED value was not 0 even when there were no users in the system, meaning that it always showed more than the number of actual users.

You can check what the result of the following query is, preferably when no meetings are running (off hours, say):

first condition:- if the USED value is 0 when there are no users then this is not the problem.

second condition:- if the USED value is high even when there are no meetings, then one possibility is to set it to 0 when the system is down.

When the second condition is true, we recommend the following sequence:

  1. Put the servers in maintenance mode for some time (to ensure that meetings drain slowly, allowing existing meetings to end but no new meetings to be launched).
    Note: this is important to ensure that no meetings are in the “shutting down” state pending later clean up.
  2. shut down the Connect related services on all hosts.
  3. confirm that all meetings have ended and it returns no rows,  using the database SQL script:-
    s.[NAME], sah.*
    pps_scos s JOIN pps_sco_active_hosts sah
    s.sco_id = sah.sco_id
    sah.[status] IN (‘A’,’B’,’S’) AND s.account_id=7
  4. Set the live user usage to 0 by executing the script
  5. Restart the services.

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  • By Saulius - 11:32 AM on September 6, 2019   Reply

    Hi, thanks for an article. I’m just curious about step no.1. How do we actually put servers in maintenance mode? (I have tried to run a search on this blog, but haven’t found information on it)

  • By Saulius - 11:34 AM on September 6, 2019   Reply

    Hi, thanks for an article. I’m curious about step no.1. How do we actually put servers on a maintenance mode?

    • By Rahul Chadha - 2:04 AM on September 27, 2019   Reply

      Hi Saulius,
      In the database table, PPS_ENUM_DATA_HOSTS set STATUS = ‘M’ for the respective Host_ID which shows Active ‘A’

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