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Marker tool “Highlighter” not displayed correctly on White-board | Adobe Connect

Issue Description: Marker tool “Highlighter” not displayed correctly on White-board in Adobe Connect meeting.


  • Adobe Connect  Hosted
  • Adobe Connect version 10.1

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a meeting and enter as a Host.
  2. Open the meeting as participant in HTML client.
  3. Host shared White-board in the Share pod.
  4. Host draws a lot of Markers on the White-board.
  5. Observe the White-board of HTML client.

Solution: This issue will be fixed post Adobe connect 10.5 upgrade.

Additional Information: This was reported as a BUG- CONN-4111354 with Engineering team and has been fixed in Adobe Connect 10.5.


Adobe Connect App for Windows, Application, General, HTML client, Meeting, Whiteboard

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