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How to Enable UV Capability for an Integrated Telephony Adaptor

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Issue Description: Setting up UV (Universal voice) capability for an Integrated Telephony Adaptor


  • Connect On premise, ACMS or Managed ISP accounts only
  • This setting is enabled by default for Connect hosted accounts

Solution: In the telephony-settings.xml file:

  • default-recording-source=”adaptor” defines the audio usage as Integrated Telephony Profile (option to enable either microphone or telephony functionality)
  • default-recording-source=”audio-bridge” defines the audio usage as UV Profile (enabling both microphone and telephony functionalities)

In the telephony-settings.xml file:

  • Path for Connect 11.x – (drive:)\Connect\11.x.x\TelephonyService\conf
  • Path for Connect 12.x – (drive:)\Connect\12.x.x\TelephonyService\conf
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