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August 27, 2019 /Administration /

How do I display a Custom message on Login screen reading Outage on Adobe connect server?

OBJECTIVE: How do I display a Custom message on Login screen reading Outage on Adobe connect server?
Similar to the message in following screen:


  • Adobe Connect On-premise
  • Adobe Connect version: 9.5 and above


  1. On Adobe Connect server, browse to \9.x.x\appserv\apps\system\.
  2. Edit login.xsl and add following text above line <label for=”name” id=”unlabel”>:
    <label id=”showcasemessage” style=”color:red;font-size:30px”>
    <xsl:text>Outage of Adobe Connect Server</xsl:text>
    <br />
  3. Save Login.xml.
  4. Restart Adobe Connect server service.
  5. Open Adobe Connect Login screen.

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