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May 5, 2022 /Recording /WebRTC /

Differences in Capabilities of Adobe Connect Recordings with WebRTC verses without WebRTC

OBJECTIVE: This article lists the differences between the capabilities of Non-WebRTC/Interactive Recordings verses WebRTC Recordings

FeatureNon-WebRTC/ Interactive RecordingWebRTC Recording
EditingWe can non-destructively cut segments, reset, and re-edit at any time onlineThere’s no online editing. You must download the MP4 and use a separate video editor like Adobe Premiere etc
Closed CaptionsIt just like in the meeting, they can be opened, moved, resized, colors can be changed, and font size changed – while watching the recordingClosed Captioning is now visible in WebRTC recordings
Hiding podsYou can hide the Chat, Attendees, and Q&AThere is no ability to hide pods
AccessibilityScreen Readers can read the content of Notes, Chat, Q&A, any other text-based pods; the index allows for keyboard navigation . Video content is not accessible. 
Playback resolutionWe can set the resolution of the resulting recording as the  resolution is independent and can be scaled to fit most monitors. There’s no ability to set the resolution of the resulting recording
InteractivityViewers can click on links in PPTX, Notes, PDF, Chat, Q&A and Weblinks pods.

Viewers can copy text from Notes and Q&A pods, or download files from Files pods, and if properly created.

Viewers can even interact with Captivate content and Custom Pods.
No interactivity is possible.
IndexThe automatically created index lists all the layout changes, slides titles, screen sharing start/stop, chat messages, and cameras being turned on/off. 

Recording owners can add additional sections and bookmarks to the index. This index is searchable, and timestamped.
No index is generated in webRTC Recording.
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