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Updated October 10, 2022

Avoiding Latency using WebRTC with Adobe Connect Hosted Meetings, Seminars and Virtual Classrooms

For the best experience with WebRTC in Adobe Connect Meetings, you should allow UDP and TCP traffic, as follows:

Port  Number ProtocolUseDomain
30000 – 65535UDPSRTP*

Note: For customers who cannot allow UDP, or port 3478 over TCP, you can have a very good experience over TURN-S, by allowing only 443 as follows:


To test your WebRTC connection you may use this:

You may also test your connection with the Adobe Connect Hosted test page:

You may test using this platinum hosted domain test page listed above, but it is best to use your specific domain name to get more accurate test output as your cluster may be hosted in a different zone than the platinum hosted domain.

While Adobe Connect does not require UDP and will work very well as described above using only TCP over port 443. It is nevertheless important to note that while the TURN-S protocol is similar to https, it is not exactly the same. Some proxy servers may require an exception to allow the TURN-S traffic through. It is often necessary to add an explicit rule to allow all encrypted traffic to *

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