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Updated October 23, 2019

Troubleshooting the Closed Captioning Pod Ports Defaults and Settings

Verify the IP and port for the service you are leveraging. For example, Caption Colorado information includes:

If you are experiencing any trouble with the Closed Captioning pod while using it in an Adobe Connect Meeting, please the correct port, hostname and IP  in the pod.

Note that the IP, (in the example case, depending on your infrastructure’s network security settings, may need to be white-listed.

For more information on the Closed Caption Pod, see the PDF here:

Sometimes, within an enterprise, the port used for the Closed Caption Pod may be blocked and prevent the Meeting host from starting the captioning service. One possible workaround for this is to log into the Meeting from outside the enterprise LAN – off the VPN or on an external guest network to start the captioning service in the Meeting. This will often work when the Adobe Connect servers are hosted externally as the connection between the servers and the captioning service is often not the problem, only the connection between the Meeting host and the service.

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