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February 20, 2019 /Meeting /

Alphabet C is missing in notification when microphone is connected to the meeting

PROBLEM STATEMENT: Alphabet C is missing in notification when microphone is connected to the meeting:


  • Adobe Connect Hosted/ On-premise
  • Adobe Connect version 10.1.1


  • We have recently discovered a new bug which indicates this has happened post Adobe Connect 10.1.1 upgrade.


  1. Login to connect account.
  2. From Administration> Compliance and Control> HTML Client Settings, enabled HTML client for Meeting, Training, webinar.
  3. Save the setting.
  4. Create a new meeting and Enable HTML client for participants.
  5. Host will enter the meeting in add-in and participant will join the meeting from HTML Client using meeting URL.
  6. Host will provide Microphone rights to the Participant.
  7. In Participant meeting click on Mic icon at the top and allow it.
  8. The popup will show Microphone spelled as “Mirophone Connected”.

SOLUTION: This issue will be fixed in version 10.5.


  • The was reported as a BUG- CONN-4110571 and it will be fixed in Adobe connect version 10.5.
  • This issue is experienced when we connect and disconnect the Microphone.
  • When we Mute/Unmute the microphone the Microphone is spelled correct.



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