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February 20, 2019 /Meeting /Seminars /Training /XML API /

Despite disabling guided hints it still appears in some rooms | Adobe Connect

Issue Description : Despite disabling guided hints, it still appears in some Adobe Connect Room:

Environment :

  • Adobe Connect Hosted/ On premise/ Managed Services
  • Adobe Connect 9 and above

Solution : Despite disabling guided hints using the API mentioned here the users still see the guided hints in some room.

  1. The changes would take effect when the current active session would be terminated.
  2. The room would not have an end time which would suggest that the session is active.
  3. Login to the room as a host.
  4. Click on Meeting > End Meeting.
  5. Check the room where the issue is being encountered by navigating to Meeting Information > Reports > By Sessions (as illustrated below)
  6. Wait for approximately 15-30 minutes without opening the meeting again and you shall see an End Time.
  7. Launch the session again and the Guided Hints should be disabled by now.

Additional Information:

  • You could be having an issue with a seminar or virtual classroom, in that case you would see Seminar Information or Virtual Classroom Information instead of Meeting Information and rest would be same.


In case of any concerns, feel free to reach out to Adobe Support.


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