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July 15, 2013 /Events /

Connect throws an error “The item is not selected” or “Please select an item” when user try to create a new event.

Problem : ( After applying patch 9.0.4 ) User when creates a new event on connect, experience an error stating “The item is not selected” or “Please select an item”

Solution : 

Check in the debug log on connect server and look for “REMOTE_CQ_TEMPLATE”. You will see this item is either missing or not found in the Database table name “PPS_EVENT_DETAILS”. The debug log would capture an entry and throws an exception stating “REMOTE_CQ_TEMPLATE” is not found or invalid.

Reason why this happens is because when user apply the patch for 9.0.4 they definitely have not executed the SQL queries provided in the patch ( and The “REMOTE_CQ_TEMPLATE” is present in the script

Therefore go to the Database, make sure the current data base is selected and run the two scripts in sequence ( First and then ).

This should resolve your problem. In case the problem still persist please contact support.




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