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July 15, 2013 /Events /

What rights an Event Manager holds as in comparison to Event administrator in Adobe connect 9 ?

Topic Discussed : Rights for both Event Administrator and Event Manager:

Solution : In connect 9 there are two new system groups added for event license users, those are Event Administrator and Event Manager.

First we will talk about an Event Administrator :

An Event Administrator :

  • Can create any number of custom templates.
  • Have full control over the Event Catalog layout and branding.
  • Can create shared templates, limit tags in the Event Catalog, create Reply To options for email triggers, and assign Event Manager role to the registered users.
  • Manage the event tags, which in turn make it possible to filter the events in the Event Catalog.
  • Can update, rename, delete, or copy existing templates
  • Can apply the Featured Event tag to display an event in the Featured Events section of the Event Catalog
  • Members of the Event Administrators group assign users to the Event Managers group, manage shared templates, event tags, and email aliases.
  • Event Administrators can also configure analytic’ s.

Now in comparison if talk about event manager :

An Event Manager :

  • Assigns attendee roles when setting up the event in the Participant Management tab.
  • Can create private template
  • Can only create a private copy of the shared templates.
  • Can only create a private copy of the existing templates.
  • Members of the Event Managers group can create events and manage their own folders in the Event library.
  • If you assign a user to this group, Adobe Connect creates a folder for this user in the User folder of the Event library.
  • Can manage only their individual My Events folders in the User Events folder.
  • Can manage events in the Shared folders if they are hosting the event and have Manage permissions for the folder that contains the event.
  • Manage their own Event library user folder, performing all file-management functions, and create and manage all aspects of an event in this folder.
  • Can view event reports.



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