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August 19, 2012 /Meeting /

Adobe Connect meetings won’t load with Firefox & Flash 11.3 update

Problem :

You may be running into this issue with your Adobe Connect meeting room, if you happen to notice, one of the following symptoms, while trying to launch your meeting room :-

  • My Adobe Connect meeting rooms fail to load in Firefox at all since I’ve updated my flash plugin to the latest FP 11.3/FP13 update
  • Sometimes my Firefox completely crashes when I try to launch an Adobe Connect meeting
  • Even the meeting connectivity test page returns a completely blank page

Reason :

Adobe Connect users who have Firefox and Flash 11.3 & higher, and  Real Player installed on their system, might be a victim of one of the above problem symptoms.

Starting with Flash player 11.3, a protected mode feature has been recently added as a new security enhancement with Firefox browser, which currently seems to cause issues with your Adobe Connect meeting rooms, if you have Real Player version 14 or lower installed as well.


1)  If you have Real Player installed on your machine, please update it to the latest version available, version 15 or higher, in order to resolve this issue.

For details, you may please visit the Download and install RealPlayer page on the RealPlayer knowledge base site.

2)  If upgrading your real player doesn’t help fix this issue, then, downgrade your Adobe flash plugin to a slightly earlier version than FP 11.3

You may follow these steps for downgrading your flash plugin  :


 * Update * :  A new Flash player update (11.4.402.265), has now been released, which contains the fix for this issue. Users may download it and install it from here.


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