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August 19, 2012 /Administration /General /

Adobe Connect 9 support for IPv6 network

Problem :

I want to have my Adobe Connect Server work on IPV6 ip address networks as well along with IPV4 ip address networks


Adobe Connect does have configuration support  for an IPv6 network. The setting is not turned on by default for the FMS server. Users can simply turn it on at the back-end, by a simple configuration, if they would like to setup their Adobe Connect 9 server with an ipv6 network.

Here are the steps to turn on IPv6 support with your Adobe Connect server :

√ Navigate to the {root-install}\breeze\comserv\win32\conf folder on your Adobe Connect server

√ Open the server.xml file in an editor

√ Look for the following line in the file :

      <NetworkingIPv6 enable=”false” />

√ Modify the value to ‘true’ . By default this value is set to to ‘false’

√  Restart your Adobe Connect services

Your Adobe Connect server should be ready to work with your IPv6 network now.

Note : This setting is also applicable to your Adobe Connect version 8 server.

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