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August 20, 2012 /Database /Install /

Adobe Connect install fails with java.sql.SQLException

Problem :

My Adobe Connect installation completed successfully, however, it keeps getting failed each time at the database configuration page.

Following is the error message I encounter each time :

java.sql.SQLException: [SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]  SET LANGUAGE failed because ‘ENGLISH’ is not an official language name or a language alias on this SQL Server.

Reason :

If you are running into this error, you might want to check the collation settings on your SQL server. If this setting on the SQL server is not correctly setup to the right English language option, you are very likely to run into this issue.

There are several English-language settings available, and the collation setting on the SQL server must match the collation setting in the Adobe Connect database installation script.

Solution :

In order to resolve this issue, you may follow the following steps :

1. On your SQL Server, modify the collation setting to use SQL_Latin_GENERAL_CP1_C1_AS, as the default language. You may find more information on Collation fundamentals on the Microsoft’s website :

2. Once done, open the Connect database configuration page again using the configuration console (http://localhost:8510/console) and complete the database configuration wizard.


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