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Adobe Connect 11.4b is Available for On-premise

The release notes for 11.4b are here:

The 11.4b download is here:

Of particular importance, 11.4b fixes an issue whereby the 11.4 installer broke server-side certificates for secure SQL and secure LDAP by changing the JRE path (in 11.4, it was [CONNECT_DIR]\jre\jre rather than [CONNECT_DIR]\jre).

This directory or folder problem caused failures to connect to secure LDAP and secure SQL with 11.4. Note also however, the JRE that we packaged with Connect 11.4, 1.8.0_301, included changes in 1.8.0_291 where support for TLS V1.0 and 1.1 were explicitly removed from the JRE.

On-premise customers who continue to see issues with secure SQL and secure LDAP after installing 11.4b and thereby fixing he folder path, should look at the TLS version that SQL or LDAP is invoking. A reliance on older TLS versions is no longer supported by the new JRE in 11.4. The TLS versions also go with specific cipher suites, and if the on-premise environment does not support that, then the connection will fall back to TLS 1.1 if that is the most secure possible version (TLS 1.2 default just means that is attempted first, but it may fail for other reasons and fall back to 1.1). To avoid this, ensure that SQL server on-premise allows TLS 1.2 connections explicitly.

Note also that 11.4b also updates Log4j to version 2.17.1.

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