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January 21, 2022 /Uncategorized /

Cambria Math Equations in uploaded PPTX display “No Image”

In Adobe Connect version 11.4b where Cambria Math Font are mixed with other fonts in a PPTX slide or are used in animations the Cambria font may be truncated or might show with a “No Image”

Adobe are actively working to resolve this issue. When resolved this will be noted in our release notes page

As an interim workaround there a couple of ways to circumvent the issue

Animation related issue with Cambria Math equations:

Use separate text boxes for each animation on your slide. Avoid using multiple animations inside one text box. Avoid using animation effects.

Cambria Math equation displays “No Image” error:

Edit the equation, save, undo your change and re-save the PPTX. Re-upload your deck to the meeting room and it will display as expected.

I have created a quick recording to demonstrate each workaround, please click here to view it.

In this simple example I have several animations on one text box on slide 1. One of the animations contains a Cambria Math equation. On slide 2 I have Calibri and a Cambria Math equation.

When shared in a meeting room the animation is truncated on slide 1 and the “No Image” message is displayed on slide 2.

To remedy this:

On slide 1 I added the equation to its own text box and remade the animations.

On slide 2 I did a ctrl+x on part of the equation, saved, clicked undo and re-saved. Now the deck will convert and display normally in my meeting room


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