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March 19, 2019 /Seminars /

Administrator/Webinar host entering Adobe Connect webinar as a participant

Problem Description:

Administrator/Webinar host entering a webinar as a participant.


Adobe Connect Hosted

Adobe Connect On-premise

Reason behind the behavior:

One of below mentioned point might be the reason for the issue:

  • User is not a part of  “Webinar 100/500/1000 Manager” group under “Administrator > User and Groups”
  • User is not listed as a Host under “edit participant” of the meeting itself.


Note: Make sure the Seminar is not running while doing below steps.

  • Select Administration> Users and Groups > hover mouse over “Webinar 100/500/1000 Manager” and click information button as shown below.
  • Select “Edit Group Membership”
  • Check if your name is listed under “Current Group Members”.
  • If its not available, select your name from “Possible Group Members” and click “Add”.

Additional Information:

Webinar Manager will be listed as “Webinar 100 Managers” , “Webinar 500 Managers” , “Webinar 1000 Managers” etc. under “Possible Group Members” .


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