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March 20, 2019 /Events /

New event tags are not listed in Event Catalog | Adobe Connect

PROBLEM STATEMENT: New Event tags are not listed in Event Catalog however it is visible while editing the catalog on Author page.


  • Adobe Connect Hosted
  • Adobe Connect version 10.1 and above
  • Adobe Connect Events


  1. Login to Adobe connect account.
  2. Go to Event Management> Event Administration> Event Tags> Click New> Create a new Tag.
  3. Under Edit page of Event catalog select the New Tag> Click OK. 
  4. Go to Event Management> Event Catalog> Check the Event Tags which does not list new tag “Tag to Test”.

REASON FOR THIS BEHAVIOR: We have recently discovered as a new bug post Adobe Connect 10.1.1 upgrade.

SOLUTION: This issue is still being investigated by engineering team.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This issue has reported as a BUG- CONN-4111361 with Engineering team and it is still being investigated.


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