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Updated December 8, 2022

What Cookies are used by Adobe Connect?

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The following cookies are used by  Adobe Connect and may be viewed at the application VIP on a load-balancing device in front of a cluster/pool.

BREEZESESSION – This  is the primary Adobe Connect session cookie; it is used to identify authenticated Adobe Connect sessions.

BREEZEFILTER – This cookie used to store report filters.

BreezePasscodeCookie – This cookie is used to store the optional Adobe Connect Meeting pass-code.

BreezeCCookie – This cookie used to store CSRF_TOKEN

BreezeLoginCookie – This cookie stores the username value on login, event-login and event-registration, to differentiate guests and registered users.

The AEM-based Events module uses additional cookies as follows:


cqconnectsession – Cookie with the same value as BREEZESESSION

[SCO_ID]_campaign-id – Cookie with a dynamic name, passing the [SCO_ID] in the request from Connect Central

time-zone – Cookie used to store time-zone information

The following cookie is used by the telephony service:

BREEZESESSION – Cookie used to identify authenticated sessions

In an upcoming version of Adobe Connect, there will be a consent option for Events Tracking. In the meantime, as needed, to disable the use of the Events [SCO_ID]_campaign-id cookie, simply do not check the block to Enable Campaign Tracking in the Adobe Connect Events Module under the Campaign IDs header:

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