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May 3, 2013 /Reporting /

Virtual classroom reports

Virtual classroom reports provide details about how virtual classrooms are being used over time. Use the Virtual Classroom Report to see the names, enrollment dates, and completion status for learners in the classroom.

Use the Virtual Classroom Session Attendance Report to view data about a specific session within a virtual classroom. You can see details such as session duration, total number of attendees, attendee names, and the times attendees entered and exited. The information in this report helps you determine if the correct people attended a session and how long they remained in the room. You can also compare different sessions. For example, suppose the same training course is offered in the same virtual classroom at two different times. By running a session report for each time, you can determine which one had higher attendance.

How to create virtual classroom reports

  1. Log in to Adobe Connect Central and click Reports.
  2. Click Virtual Classroom.
  3. From the menu, select a virtual classroom report type: Virtual Classroom Courses Report or Virtual Classroom Session Attendance Report.
  4. Select a virtual classroom from the Training library and click Next.
  5. Click Specify Report Filters. (Optional) Enter a date range and/or select a specific User Group(s).
  6. Click Add or Remove Report Fields. Select and deselect the fields to display in the report.
  7. Click Create Report.

The table lists the specific information that appears in columns within virtual classroom reports. All column headings do not appear in all virtual classroom reports.

Column heading Description
Assigned role Role as assigned on the manage enrollees page. (Does not show if role changed while in the virtual classroom.)
Date deleted Date the learner was deleted from the virtual classroom.
Date enrolled Date the learner was enrolled in the virtual classroom.
Date unenrolled Date the learner was removed from the enrollment list for the virtual classroom.
Duration Length of the specific virtual classroom session selected.
Email E‑mail address of the learner enrolled in the virtual classroom or the learner listed for the specific virtual classroom session selected.
First entry time First time the learner entered the virtual classroom.
First name First name of the learner enrolled in the virtual classroom.
Last access Date when the learner last entered the virtual classroom.
Last exit time Shows the last time the learner exited the virtual classroom. (Learner may have entered and exited multiple times.) Changing status to “stepped away” does not count as an exit. Only a lost connection or a voluntary closure of the classroom window creates an exit time.

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