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March 6, 2019 /Recording /Reporting /

Some quick Tips on capturing Recording Usage Reports


This article is intended to describe some quick methods of how to derive some usage reports of recorded meetings.


Adobe Connect Hosted
Adobe Connect On-Premise


1) One of the first options that could be utilized is using the ‘Downloadable reports’ available for Administrators :

  1. Goto  Administration >> Account >> Reports >> Downloadable reports
  2. Click  Assets >> Download
  3. Filter for Archives under Icon.


2) Secondly there could be some XML APIs which could be utilized for extracting some data :

  • We can use the report-bulk-objects API

Usage and method is also described in detail on this Helpx article :

  • We can also use another API sco-expanded-contents with filter ‘archive’


Where sco-id = the ACCOUNT-ID


This should return all archives + their duration.

Usage method is described in detail here :


3) Recordings can also be moved to Content Library area for tracking the time duration of participants while watching the recording as shared in below example.

  1. Move a recording from under a meeting/seminar to the Content library area
  2. Goto the Content information >> Reports >> By Users
  3. It shows the Time In, Time out and Total Time Viewed for all participants who have watched it




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