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September 14, 2021 /Recording /

Editing a Recording Hangs on Saving Edits Page with Adobe Connect 11.2.3 Update

After upgrading to Adobe Connect 11.2.3, the Recording Edit page may remain forever stuck on the Saving Edits page, while you may be trying to Edit or trim a recording. You will notice that the actual recording does however gets edited as per expected, so the edits do get saved, it is just the Saving Edits page which remains stuck in a spinning wheel forever.

The root cause of this issue has been identified with 11.2.3 version and has been subsequently solved with the 11.2.3a patch update.

The 11.2.3a patch update is available to download from our Patches link : along with the deployment instructions. It is advised to install this update post following the installation of 11.2.3.

Here’s a sample of how the issue looks like :

Additional Information :

This could be tracked via Bug#CONN-4126706 if needed for reference purpose.

Note : Our Adobe Hosted clusters have already been patched with the fix so this issue is not expected to occur on our Hosted platform now.


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