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Quiz Pod usage in templates

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With Connect 12.4 comes many new features including the new Quiz Pod

Native Quizzing

Adobe Connect is introducing native quizzing capabilities with this release. A new Quiz pod is being introduced which will allow trainers (hosts) to conduct and monitor quizzes natively in Adobe Connect virtual classrooms, seminar rooms and meeting rooms. 

  •  The quiz pod supports up to 10 questions in a single pod. Multiple quiz pods can be opened in a single room.
  • Initially multiple choice, multiple answer, fill in the blank and yes/no questions are supported in quiz pod.
  • Hosts and Presenters would be able to monitor the live progress for each participant when a quiz is in progress.
  • Various configurations options are supported like quiz time, allowing participants to review their quiz submissions and more.
  • Gamification option is also present by showing a live leaderboard to attendees.
  • Multiple quiz reports like quiz summary, question level summary, learner transcript are available after the session in Adobe Connect Central pages. These reports are available also via webservice apis or exportable in csv format.
  • Quiz pod is not yet supported in mobile apps and support in mobile apps will be added later this year.


Currently, as of the 12.4 initial release, the Quiz Pod cannot be used in a room template. If you create a template with the Quiz pod in it, or move a room containing the quiz pod to the templates folder, new rooms created from that template will fail to initialise. The following error will be noted:

Because of this we advise not to use Quiz Pod in templates.

The underlying issue has been addressed in version 12.4.1 at which point the Quiz pod will become template friendly.

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