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May 8, 2017 /Install /

Prerequisites for Adobe Connect 9.6 installation with Embedded MSSQL Engine


What are the prerequisites for Adobe Connect 9.6 installation with Embedded MSSQL Engine ?

Environment :

  • Install Adobe Connect 9.6 on a standalone environment
  • Install Embedded Database Engine included with the Adobe Connect 9.6 installer on the same machine as the Adobe Connect server

Answer :

  • Embedded MSSQL Server installation requires 3.5 SP1 .NET framework as prerequisite to allow installation.
  • Microsoft DotNet Framework 4.0 or later is required later post the installation for other functionalities
  • DB password Requirements
    -Choose a password which has length 12 or more characters
    -Should contain each of these : One Capital letter, One Small letter, One Number, One Special Char (@, #). Like Adobe00#1234, Breeze00#123 etc.
  • Ensure these requirements are met before beginning the installation

Additional Information :

Note: This configuration is recommended to be used only in development environments. In production environments it is recommended to install MSSQL as a separate server for better performance.

Verify the Upgrade Checklist and Tech Specs for full details on 9.6 upgrade requirements.



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