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How to Enable Fallback to the VP6 codec for Connect 9.6 (Supplemental Connect 9.6 Installation Guidance)

Environment: Adobe Connect on-premise deployments.

All on-premise Connect servers running Connect 9.6 or higher must make the following configuration changes. Meeting archive recordings may be corrupted if the Meeting is recorded using MP4 format without these changes.

To enable fallback to the VP6 codec for Connect 9.6, add the following entries to the Connect server custom.ini file in the root Connect installation directory:



Save the custom.ini file (be careful not to accidentally change the file type to .txt) and during a scheduled maintenance window, cycle the Connect and AMS/FMS services in order to load the changes (note this will bring Connect down while the services cycle):

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  • By Kevin - 11:52 PM on July 5, 2017   Reply

    Shouldn’t this be part of the installation, rather than an afterthought modification?

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