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PowerPoint Conversion Error

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Issue Description: PowerPoint upload (ppt/pptx) inside an Adobe Connect Meeting room fails to convert and generates an error message: There was an error converting your file.

Presentation files uploaded to the Adobe Connect Content library also fail to convert and generate an error message in Connect Central: Your content is currently being processed. Thank you for your patience


  • Hosted accounts
  • On-premise/ACMS – 11.4 onwards

Resolution: We are working on the fix for the conversion errors targeting Connect 12.1. The Adobe bug number is: CONN-4135018

Causes and Steps for the fix:

  1. Empty shapes present on a PPTX slide trigger this error. We usually suggest deleting any empty shapes on slides as a workaround.
  2. Grouped objects on a slide can also be problematic
    To ungroup objects:
    Select the grouped object.
    Select Shape Format > The Group icon. Group > Ungroup.

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