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January 31, 2017 /Recording /

Mp4 recording generated offline appears distorted to some users

Problem Description: It has been observed that for some recordings created in Adobe Connect version 9.5.3 or higher, the online recording plays well however the Offline version shows distortions and degraded quality.

Environment :

  • Adobe Connect version 9.5.3 or higher
  • Applies to offline recordings created on client side as Mp4

Reason for this behavior:

  • This has been identified as a Bug with our Engineering group. In certain situations, where the bandwidth setting is not correctly selected while creating the offline recording, it might produce a distorted/degraded quality mp4.

Resolution :

  1. If you are experiencing similar issues regarding the quality of the offline recording like the letters in a pdf or presentation are hazy and not quite readable or the recording becomes hazy at times during slide or page transition, Adobe Connect allows you to manually enhance the quality of the recording according to your standards. You may enhance features like bandwidth, fps, resolution etc. and by changing these features you may considerably enhance the quality of the offline recording.
  2. While making the recording offline you may go ahead and check the box “Advanced Options” and select the desirable configuration in order to convert the recording as per your specifications instead of selecting the preset configuration for the respective quality types such as mobile, desktop, HD and Full HD and then “Proceed with Offline Recording” like below.

Additional Information :

  • This was logged as a BUG# 4084015 with engineering team.
  • Here are a few snapshots of how the recordings affected by this issue appear in general:



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