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March 30, 2019 /General /Meeting /

Meeting chat text size restores to default size | Adobe Connect

Problem Statement: Meeting chat text size resets to the default size upon restarting the meeting session.


  • Adobe Connect Hosted

Steps to Replicate:

  • Log in to Adobe Connect account.
  • Launch the meeting as a Host.
  • From Chat pod options change the text size to 16 and text color to say ‘blue’ color.
  • Type the text on Chatpod with enlarged size.
  • End the meeting.

Reason for this Behavior:

  • We only save the text and color settings for the session.
  • Hence when you switch between the layouts or the meeting client reconnects the color and size are preserved.
  • As soon as you refresh the page, the session changes and hence the color and text size settings get back to the default.
  • This has been the case since the starting and is working as designed.
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