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Make a Video Play in a Loop in an Adobe Connect Meeting or Seminar Lobby in Adobe Connect 11.2

You may prepare your videos in advance to play in a loop in Adobe Connect version 11.2 as follows.

Note: This technique will not work prior to the 11.2 server upgrade; to know when your hosted cluster will be upgraded, see the widget on the downloads page: Adobe Connect Downloads and Updates

Step 1: Create a folder locally on your client and place the MP4 video that you would like to see looping in your Meeting or Seminar Lobby (reycatch.mp4) into the folder; the name of the folder does not matter.

Step 2: Use any good text editor to create a file called video_html5.htm and paste in the code below adjusting the name of the MP4 as appropriate:

<video controls loop>
  <source src="reycatch.mp4" type="video/mp4">
  Your browser does not support the video tag.

Create a file called breeze-manifest.xml, paste in the following and add it to the folder with the MP4:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<breeze-manifest version="1.0" xmlns="" generator="ZB">
	<document type="custom-pod" id="com.adobe.connect.videoloop" version="1.0.001" minimumConnectMobileVersion="2.4" minimumSDKversion="9.4.002" minimumConnectServerVersion="11.2.0"/>
		<asset type="document-view">
			<entry href="video_html5.htm" href-html5="video_html5.htm" />
			<file href="video_html5.htm"/>
            <file href="reycatch.mp4"/>

Zip the folder and upload the entire zipped folder to the Adobe Connect Content Library:

Point to the uploaded content from an Adobe Connect Meeting Share Pod and it will play in a loop until you stop it:

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