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August 9, 2018 /Administration /

Information button is hidden for Users/Groups under Administration post upgrade | Adobe Connect

ISSUE DESCRIPTION: Information button is hidden for Users or Groups under Administration post upgrade.

After Adobe Connect upgrade:

Before Adobe connect upgrade:


  • Adobe connect Hosted/ on-Premise
  • Adobe connect version: onward

REASON FOR THIS BEHAVIOR: Adobe Connect onward Administration> Users and Groups page has been converted to HTML and instead of Information button there is an “i” icon.


  1. Login to Adobe connect account.
  2. Go to Administration> Users and Groups.
  3. Select a username/ Group name, you will find “i” (Information icon) and “” (Trashcan icon).
  4. Using “i” (Information icon) Administrator can get details of select username/ Group name.
  5. Using “” (Trashcan icon) Administrator can delete select username/ Group name.


  • Any user/Group deleted using “” (Trashcan icon) will be deleted from the account and cannot be recovered.

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