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February 26, 2019 /Events /

How to use Anchor tag in Adobe Connect Event template

Objective: How to use an Anchor tag in an event template.


  • Adobe Connect  Hosted/ On-premise
  • Adobe Connect version 10.1


  1. Highlight any text in the text box and make it as an Anchor.
  2. Click on the Anchor button like:
  3. Once you click on the Anchor icon it will look like:
  4. Provide name to the Anchor:
  5. Once you have created an anchor you can use it as a hyperlink in the page appending the name with ‘#’. Like:
  6. Select a text in the text box -> click on hyperlink icon:
  7. Append # before Anchor name to be used as a URL in same page -> Click OK:
  8. Activate the Event template from side kick.


Additional information:

  • Refer to the following recording explaining in detail how to use Anchor tag in event template:
  • To remove an anchor, highlight the text again -> Click on anchor icon and delete the name.

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