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Updated February 7, 2024
November 14, 2023 /Uncategorized /

How to Quickly Verify an Adobe Connect Meeting is Enhanced

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The quickest way to verify whether an Adobe Connect Meeting room is running in Standard View or Enhanced, is to look in the upper right corner of the Meeting room:

Standard View will have a circular red End Session button while Enhanced will show a rectangle with an arrow:



  • Use Ctrl/Cmd + click on the Video pod, when running WebRTC meeting you will see video statistics in white.
For Subscribers: FLDB metrics noted include frame rate, packet loss, packet drop and bit-rate. For Publishers (Hosts and Presenters) FLBR factors of frame rate, packet loss, bit-rate, & round trip time (RTT)
  • Open chrome://webrtc-internals in another tab and you will see WebRTC statisticss if it’s a WebRTC meeting.


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