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November 2, 2012 /Meeting /

How to get Connect meeting add-in working in Ubuntu 10.04

Objective – How to make Adobe Connect 8 add-in work with Ubuntu 10.04.

Requirements –

Adobe Connect v8.x, Ubuntu 10.04, Flash Player 10.3, Connect add-in.

Ubuntu 10.04 –

Steps to implement –

  1. Download the FP 10.3 from this –
  2. Install the above package first.
  3. Head on to – and verify that FP installed correctly.
  4. Download the add-in from this –
  5. Install the above package.
  6. Go to your user home folder, select Edit > Preferences > check box – Show hidden and backup files.
  7. Now you should see a “.macromedia” folder into user home folder.
  8. Verify that “.macromedia/Flash Player/” file exists.
  9. Once done, head on to – and click on “Always Allow” radio button.
  10. Now test the meeting!

Result – You would now be able to use the meeting add-in with Ubuntu.




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